July 9, 2009

FRF Staff Picks: Phil

The pre-festival party on Thursday night is notable for several constants. Ostensibly thrown as a kind of thank-you to the Naeba community, it's gratis--anyone who happens to be there can attend, though the festivities are limited to the two food courts. The locals set up a bon odori platform, around which people dance to traditional music, and the evening is usually climaxed by a brief eruption of fireworks. And then there's the bands at the Red Marquee...

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July 7, 2009

FRF Staff Picks: Jeff (Part 2): Wellie wanging


It's an eternal debate: Boxers or briefs? Ginger or Mary Anne? Whisky or whiskey? And for Fuji Rock Festival goers it seems to come down to Wellingtons or sandals. I, for one, am a Wellie man and wholeheartedly endorse the low-tech rubber boot. Here's why...

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July 6, 2009

FRF Staff Picks: Jeff (Part 1)

Some thoughts on eating and drinking.

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