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FRF Staff Picks: Jeff (Part 2): Wellie wanging


It's an eternal debate: Boxers or briefs? Ginger or Mary Anne? Whisky or whiskey? And for Fuji Rock Festival goers it seems to come down to Wellingtons or sandals. I, for one, am a Wellie man and wholeheartedly endorse the low-tech rubber boot. Here's why...

Call them what you will: Wellingtons, Wellies, rubber boots, gumboots, gummies, topboots, or butt ugly; I consider them ideal and essential for my Fuji Rock foray.

There is nothing like the confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what the weather holds for the weekend, you can trudge with confidence from stage to stage. Some people opt for the open, all-weather sandal and I understand why: they're comfortable, weather proof, light and probably a tad more fashionable than the lowly vulcanized rubber boot.

BUT, grit and mud between my toes is not my thing. When the rain comes (and it will come, my friends, maybe not in Glastonbury floods but a little combined with 80,000 pairs of feet is enough to turn FRF "into a muuuuuud piiiiiitt!") you don't want hippie bare feet while slogging through the foot sucking mud. The straps break, people step on your feet, and you really will be "getting back in touch with nature" in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, I'll be walking through everything--and I do mean everything, as we all know the areas around the Heineken beer tents turn into cesspools by Saturday night (well at least it sure smells like it). My feet will always be dry and clean. My footing and grip will always be sure. Nothing will stop me and my feet will be happy.

Oh, and girls in in shorts with Wellingtons? The sexiest thing at Fuji Rock! It's what turned me on to them in the first place. It's a fetish I can't shake and I welcome this time of year as much as the awesome boots and mini-skirts season in the dead of winter here in Japan.

Seb's previous post sums up that aspect of it.

Other recommendations? Hmmmm...bring a hat, spray it with waterproofing, bring a rain coat, and wear shorts. Oh--and don't get suckered in to buying the ¥2,000 rubber boots they will be peddling in Naeba. You do get what you pay for.

The Tokyo Gig Guide Blog has a decent article on some essential items to pack and bring.



agree with you totally there Jeff. This year was my first welly year, I pushed the boat out and splashed 1200 jpy at donkey for mine and as Tony the tiger would say it was `greeeeeeeat`.

Thought Tomis denim hotpantsXwelly combo was pretty hot too ;)

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