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In Praise Of Great, Lesser-Known Works: Take Me Back To Your House

This song and video first came to my attention when I got a text from my Serbian friend Sasa that said something like "Basement Jaxx! OMG U gotta hear this!". I'm not as big a fan of dance music as Sasa, but he was right of course, just like he was about Royksopp. So what makes this tune so great?

Partly: Banjos. BANJOS MAN! Also, it's a club song about wanting to get the hell out of the club and go someplace warm and cuddly. Being that clubs tend to just piss me off at about the 3 a.m. mark after the alcohol starts to wear off, I can relate.

And the cartoon Siberian Soviet Russia in this video is of course priceless.

Judging from these two blog posts, many of the hard core don't quite get it, expressing surprise that this was the choice for a single. But that's what makes Basement Jaxx the club group even for people who don't like clubs (apparently there's been more grumbling from the fans about their new single Raindrops; see Coglione's previous post here). As in previous hits Red Alert and especially Romeo, they usually find a way to go outside the expectations of the endless chicky thump thump thump thump of an average night out.

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