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FRF- Staff Picks: Sean S

Best Thing About Fuji Rock: Being Alone! That’s right, nothing like going to a festival with 30,000 people just so you can get a little solo time! If you are with a bunch of bros or hanging with the wolf pack ala “The Hangover” you might want to break away for some solo beer runs and never come back. Being alone means you’re your inner caveman can come out, and you bum smokes, share a jug of wine, throw a few elbows in the mosh pit, well,…you catch my drift. Anyhoo, catching up with entourage is pretty easy, either meeting at the Heineken tent during the Oasis set or night cap at Palace of Wonder.


Best Drink: Heineken Beer
Always cold, always refreshing, and most importantly, always available! This is the stuff that sustains me from morning to evening, the fuel for my fire, and an ever present companion throughout the festival. Sure it might come out a little foamy and it may give you a four alarm headache the next day but I got to hand it to Heineken cuz they keep it flowing all festival long. By my estimation, its still a pretty good bargain at 600 yen but your gonna need 3 of them in quick succession to get a buzz on! Who cares if they toss sochu with a lemon slice at the Tengoku bar, do you really think this festival would run without beer?


Best Food: Anything that sops up the beer
Fish and chips work, so does paella, curry rice, hot dogs from the Nathan’s Famous van in the parking lot, and if your lucky, sometimes you can grab pork on a stick without a long line. Ramen noodles really help when your fatigued.


Best Place to Sit:
So you've done the caveman, consumed a boatload of beer, sopped it up with something, rocked out, and the only thing you need now is some down time in a place where you won't get trampled. I recommend this patch of grass across from the t-shirt tent. You can't see any of the stages here no hear anything, but its elevated and the long grass can feel just as sweet as a featherbed.


Other Odds-n-Ends

Best Stage: Field of Heaven

I dunno why, but this place is downright magical at night time. Maybe it’s the candles.

Best Place to Catch Up With Us: Lily Allen

This little pixie must've done something right as everyone wants to write about her.

//sean s.

photos from fujirockexpress 08. Caveman, man with 3 Beers by me, (sean s.) plate of curry and place to sit (dominic raos)


"Ah beer...is there anything it can't do?"

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