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Movin' On Up

A little bit of news for you regular (and irregular...and just plain weird) readers of the Blogging with Fuji Rock site: we're moving!

This blog goes back to 2006 and we aren't stopping now, but after years on the MT platform we are moving to WordPress and taking all our inside info with us. We also have a shiny new URL so you can now find us, the FujiRockers, at www.fujirock.com.

As with any move, there will be some boxes misplaced and some things shifted around and it will take us a little while to get everything just so - especially with the festival starting in a mere matter of days.

Some other things to note:

As we have done every year, the FujiRockers cover the festival in English (and French) live as part of Fuji Rock Express. We set it up Thursday and go 'til the Monday. We will announce the site URL once it is ready to go live on the new Fuji Rock blog site.

You can get more really good information, ask questions, and connect with other Fuji Rock festival goers on the FujiRockers English bulletin board service.

So, bookmark the new site and we'll see you at this year's Fuji Rock Festival!



I added your blog to bookmarks. And i'll read your articles more often!

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