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July 22, 2009

Fuji Rock Express

As we predicted - some misplaced items and getting lost in our new surroundings during our move to

No worries - there is still all the info sitting here on this site, and from tomorrow (woo-hoo!) we'll be sending all the info as it's happening from the 2009 Fuji Rock Festival!

You can get the all the info you can handle in English (and some French) at Fuji Rock Express.

We'll see you up there!


July 19, 2009

Movin' On Up

A little bit of news for you regular (and irregular...and just plain weird) readers of the Blogging with Fuji Rock site: we're moving!

This blog goes back to 2006 and we aren't stopping now, but after years on the MT platform we are moving to WordPress and taking all our inside info with us. We also have a shiny new URL so you can now find us, the FujiRockers, at

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July 17, 2009



Party time starts early and finishes late!

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July 16, 2009

HMV and Tower FRF- related In-Store Performances

Some of this year’s FRF acts have in-store performances scheduled at HMV and Tower Records outlets in Japan before and after the fest.

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A clue about who is playing Thursday night


If you look at the fine print on this flyer, and past the Taipei date, you will see a very big clue about who is playing Fuji Rock's Thursday night party.

I, for one, think it's a great choice because they are loud and rock out! Start listening to The Inspector Cluzo now as they bring rollicking funking madness without no damn bass player!

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Play it, Steve

It's been reported that Steve Cropper, legendary guitarist and songwriter/producer for Otis Redding and everybody else who passed through the Stax Records legend-making machine in the 60s, will join the tribute on Sat. night to Kiyoshiro Imawano. That makes two MGs in the house.

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July 15, 2009

Patti Smith Takes Requests

At a press conference earlier this week before her concert in Zagreb, Croatia, punk legend Patti Smith reportedly asked the journalists if they wanted to offer any input on her set list. She also said she cruises MySpace a lot. So if anyone is really dying to hear some Patti Smith rarities when she plays the Green Stage a week from Friday, leave your comments here:


FRF Staff Picks: Dave

WHO NEEDS A BONK ON THE NOB? Rob Harvey, lead singer of The Music at FRF05 (left) or at FRF08 (right).

Last year in Taipei before a show by The Musik, the well known Britband, lead singer Rob Harvey walked up to me and asked about the Taiwanese opening band. I had some vague idea that he was with the band, but otherwise couldn't place him. We had a short, polite conversation, but at the same time, I was having inklings of deja vu. It was only later that I realized I'd seen him somewhere before...

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It's the one thing everybody forgets. I never will again.

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July 13, 2009

The Inspector Cluzo: The Interview


Inspector Cluzo are two Frenchmen, Phil Jourdain and Malcomt Lacrouts. They are are both loud and funky, so much so that they often tour and record with Fishbone. Their debut album led to 123 consecutive gigs and the label "garage blues" which is something they hate. I think they're are a good bet to play Thursday’s opening party cuz they can rock the house.

Here’s an abbreviated email Q&A I did with them ahead of their Taipei show next week. It covers all kinds of things such as various clichés (a French word), playing at 105db, and how one French journalist described the band "as if the Melvins f@%^* Marvin Gaye!!”

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