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Careful with Apache

Some well meaning fan of jam band Disco Biscuits has done something that probably seemed like a great idea at the time, but it’s crap. About a year ago this video went viral, so you may have seen it, an al fresco performance of ”Apache” by Danish pop savant Tommy Seebach. ”Apache” was originally recorded by The Shadows in June 1960, but with dancing (Danish) Indian girls in tassled bikinis, a bongo player and a spooky voiceover predating Michael Jackson’s ”Thiller,” Seebach’s video stands on its own both as a funky ass musical capsule and a cheesy ass ’70s freakout.

Fat Boy Slim even sampled Seebach’s version almost wholesale to great effect -- wicked, ambling keyboard lead and all -- on ”On the floor at the Boutique”. The fan dropped Disco Biscuits’ new tune, also called ”Apache,” over the original video, shown in all its glory here:

Seebach won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with the song “Disco Tango” and reportedly died of alcoholism. Disco Biscuits? They named themselves after a slang term for Ecstasy (and danced all night long).


You want a mashup? Try AC/DC vs. Apache mother.

You have to be dancy? Try Chemical Brothers vs Apache (at least there’s menace)

This explains so much: Duran Duran vs. Apache

And holy shit, Children of Bodom vs. Apache

And oh there is so much more.

-- Donald


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