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HMV and Tower FRF- related In-Store Performances

Some of this year’s FRF acts have in-store performances scheduled at HMV and Tower Records outlets in Japan before and after the fest.

Here are the performers and dates:

7/18 13:00 at HMV Yokohama VIVRE
7/19 17:00 at HMV Tachikawa
7/20 14:00 at Tower Records Shibuya
7/20 17:00 at Tower Records Shinjuku
8/1 18:30 at Tower Records Umeda NU Chasamachi

Tom Freund
7/22 19:30 at Tower Records Shibuya

The Higher
7/27 19:00 at Tower Records Shinjuku

7/27 19:00 at Tower Records Shibuya
7/28 15:00 at Tower Records Shinjuku

All in-store performances are free of charge, but sometimes Tower Records in Shibuya requires that attendees purchase an album of the artist playing in order to gain entrance to the gratis gig.

Click on the names of the music chains for more info (Japanese only) on the above in-store performances and all other store events at HMV and Tower Records in Japan.

Coglione’s blog post on Tom Freund here.
Kern’s blog post on The Higher here.
Dom’s post on Räfven here.



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