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The Higher

Just push play up there. See if you aren't at least a little infected by this ditty, even if you thought you might be able to cavalierly laugh it off as teeny rock. I was so disarmed by it that I was literally disarmed of 99 cents on iTunes to buy it. Yeah, you heard me, I paid 99 cents of my own good money for this song. Youwannafightaboutit?

Oh sure, you can scoff at lyrics like "All that matters to me girl, win or lose;
Is an x-rated complete swirl of me and you", but I've always thought something creatively awkward like that is much to be preferred over something banally predictable. I get the feeling the dude (Mr. Seth Trotter) knows how what he's saying sounds, too, like when Rivers Cuomo busts out the hip-hop slang.

The Higher, by the way, are from Vegas, and have a dedicated following of midwestern teenagers. (Judging by those golden locks, I'm guessing a lot of young women?)

Kinda dig the music too. Sounds like Donavan Frankenreiter, but with more youthful energy and less nostalgia and straightforward aping of the 70's funk and pop from which they draw.

This is from '07, off of their second album, On Fire. They've got a new one called It's Only Natural coming out on June 23, which is, according to a report from the band, to be something like a summation of all they've been aiming for.

I seem to keep covering FRF acts with honey-smooth vocals.

Exactly what kind of dudes are these guys



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