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Priscilla Ahn

"I was a little girl
alone in my little world
who dreamed of a little home for me"

I have to agree with this blogger that the word that completely encapsulates Priscilla Ahn is 'lovely'. Which is precisely the target she is aiming for.

These opening lines from "Dream" from her debut album, A Good Day say just about everything that needs to be said. They are purely sincere; there is no irony or arty twist later in the song. This is not the indie music of Feist or Laura Veirs; the pedigree is Jewel and Blue Note labelmate Norah Jones, music made for sweet girls with strong nesting instincts and the young men who love them (as is clearly the case with the aforementioned blogger).

If Jewel was the troubadour and Norah Jones the jazz songstress, then Ahn is the polymath. Not only does she have a voice of pure silk and honey, she is a multi-instrumentalist and creative arranger. Think the technique of Sufjan Stevens applied to songs for the creation of domestic bliss.

Click over to her myspace page now and start the player to hear the full range of her abilities. 'Dream' is the one being pushed as the hit, Silent Night is a multi-tracked a cappella arrangement of the Christmas classic that would do Imogen Heap proud, and Willow Weeping is just mother flipping charming, probably my fave. I would've bought it already if it were available for sale.

And then there is The Boobs Song, a live only track which says all that remains to be said about who Priscialla Ahn is that Dreams did not. It is a tale of jealousy and low self-confidence involving her boyfriend's poetry and another girl's boobs and embarassment at said jealousy and low self-confidence. With, of course, a kazoo solo.

Here's a host of live solo acoustic performances for a more intimate and personal look.

Home page and personal blog

Allmusic's review of her first album

Whose iPod is she popping up on

"You left me utterly confused
I am not here for you to use"



Glad I stumbled across your site! Interesting discussion but don't you think slightly narrow minded? Maybe it just seems that way to me. Let me read the post again.

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