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The Great Fuji Footwear Debate: Kern’s Solution


As the gender theorists have been telling us for years, simple dichotomies never give the whole picture. (And they are usually instruments of power wielded—knowingly or unknowingly—by those with a vested interest in maintaining the dominant paradigm, but that’s surely a discussion better left to the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra post). So too with the current debate among FRF staffers as to whether wellies or sandals are the better choice of footwear for a three-day outdoor festival with a good chance of rain.

I’ve had bad experiences with radically shifting my footwear paradigm at the very moment my walking habits become heavier. I once almost ruined a nine-day trip to central China by buying a brand new pair of Reeboks my first day there that shredded my feet (they were the genuine article too).

I’ve never been able to walk in any kind of sandals for more than about 15 minutes, and large rubber boots just seem risky in all three elements of the term. So I’m sticking with my tried and true Saucony Jazz, which I wear everywhere; I’m just making a concession to the weather by bringing more. Luckily I have three raggedy old pair. I may have wet feet all day, but at least every morning I’ll be able to start each day afresh. And isn’t that what the gender theorists have been fighting for anyway?



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