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FRF Staff Picks: Jeff (Part 1)

Some thoughts on eating and drinking.

When you're roaming around the festival you're going to need sustenance. Remember - the festival site is big. Real big - this ain't no Lollapalooza or Summer Sonic. Add the crowds all commuting to and from stages and walk times can get up there. Like thirty to 45 minutes right after big acts have finished on the Green or White stages. It pays to keep a few things on your person so you don't get caught hungry and thirsty at the wrong times. I always have a couple of chocolate bars/granola bars with me when I'm walking around the site. I buy myself two for each day of the festival before I head up. Keep a bottle of water or sports drink handy, too, and try to remember to purchase bottles of these at various beer tents through the day as well.

Most foodstuffs, by and large, are only ¥500 - a nice round number for coin change. Spend your coins - the service staff will appreciate it and you'll go through less bills and avoid that jangly, heavy pocket that spills when you sit down on the grass somewhere.

If you pass by food stands with a dissipated lineup, you might want to take advantage of it and get some grub while you can. When you're hungry it'll be too late and you can bet your Aigle rubber boots that everyone else will be, too, and the queues can get horrendous. Save yourself the trouble and think ahead.

A couple of places I like:

Jinki's "Best place for a drink/meetup" was also mentioned by Coglione, and I'll have to concur: the Tengoku ("Heaven") bar between White and Green Stages. It’s near the river, it’s on the major thoroughfare, you bump into friends all the time here, and when I just can’t drink another Heineken, this is where I go for some junmai nihonshu - nice dry sake.

The Tokyo Ale tent at Field of Heaven is great if you can get a seat and they don’t run out of their namesake microbrew - it has happened, so sample it earlier rather than later.

Field of Heaven is also the only place to get a decent cup of coffee (Lotus Cafe - strong, dark, organic). It’s a helluva trek first thing in the morning, though, and there is all that tie-dye and patchouli to wade through.

You can peruse this Japan Times piece by FujiRocker Jude (ret.). It's a few years old, but the tried and true venues remain.

Here's the lowdown on what you can get at Orange Court: small plastic cup cocktails and cigarettes.

There is also a cool "club style" bar down in the Gan Ban Square. Can't remember the name of it, but I do remember that it's always red and that I always forget about it.

Food? I’m a big fan of Mexican, and we were finally able to get our tacos on last year at Tacos Fire in the Oasis area. Fellow FujiRocker Dom and I ate there whenever we happened to be trudging through. It is (or was) down toward the Red Marquee side entrance. You can’t miss the cool and colorful Jimi Hen signs:


Your best bet to grab some food and and be able to sit down is up by the Gypsy Avalon/NGO area. Curries with rice, bad Indo food, and stuff on a stick (believe me - you really don't care at that point). Later in the evening there are usually tables and chairs available here since most people head down towards the Oasis area and the World Food Court closer to headliner time.

That's it off the top of my head, but I'll post some other festival recommendations tomorrow.



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