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FRF Staff Picks: Jinki


Fujirockers staff writer, Jinki, offers up some of what he'll be doing/seeing at the fest this year.

Best place for a drink/meetup: the Tengoku ("Heaven") bar between White and Green Stages, near to the river. Stategically located, always plenty to fresh fruit for cocktails, decent shochu and generous pours in years past.

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Best View: The Dragondola ski lift to Daydreaming Stage. A bird's-eye view of many of the stages (White, Orange, etc), then chirping birds and a lush mountain valley. Some people love Daydreaming's DJ's and costumed cohorts (fuzzy pandas and turtles, etc), but the ride itself is worth it, whether you stay there or not.

Best Party: Thursday night. The FRF regulars have already arrived, secured the choice camping sites and thrown on yukata. Unnanounced shows, fireworks and the Naeba locals having their summer "O-bon dori" dance with country grandmas and and city punks alike.

Don't Forget: Extra pair of shades, earplugs and a few energy drinks

Fave shows Friday:
Major Lazer (White): Diplo and Switch serve up the dancehall with a Rock n Roll soul.
Peaches (Red): She's not just raunch and an 808. Expect a full band and an Iggy Pop aura.
Red Marquee night session: Eye/Boredoms, Gang Gang Dance, Diplo and Buraka Som Systema

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (Green): They're playing several stages throughout the fest, but Green Stage in the morning will be better than coffee
White Stage the rest of the day: Gaslight Anthem, Melvins, Zazen Boys, Bad Brains, Public Enemy.

Juana Molina: Will have probably seen her twice already by this point
Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra: They're back, and probably freakier than ever: over 30 musicans, with dozens of extras
Asakusa Jinta: These guys on the Crystal Palace stage will be a circus indeed.

Time Conflicts:
Melvins(White) & Juana Molina (Avalon): same time, but not far apart. May see a little of both
Franz Ferdinand (Green) & Public Enemy (White): I'm sure Chuck D's upset about this, too
Bad Brains (White) & Easy All Stars (Field of Heaven): Two of the only ostensibly rasta acts at the same time?
Weezer (Green) & Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 (Orange)


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