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Peaches: Durty Grrrl


Miss Merrill Beth Niske isn't known for either subtlety or restraint. As Peaches, her electro-punk persona, she has dutifully kept her mind in the gutter while reaching for the stars.

More info, links and a few amazing vids after the jump.

One of the things I like about Peaches is that although her lyrics (and outfits) are some of the most explicit around, she herself is not built like a Penthouse pet. She ain't afraid. It's like someone gave Sandra Bernhard some hot pants, an 808 and an unlimited supply of pheromone spray.

This approach has earned Peaches some interesting fans, including Joan Jett, Queens of the Stone Age, Feist (her old roomate actually) and Iggy Pop, who sings along with her in this MUST SEE VIDEO

That's right: Peaches and Iggy killing zombies in a George Romero video. wow.

It's possible she'll try to recreate this duet onstage like she does HERE.

A very telling mini-doc on her SITE
Other Peaches tracks at her MYSPACE
Interviews HERE and HERE
Her only American television performance on Henry Rollins' show HERE


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