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Booker T: Extra Onions, Please


Ok, so I'll admit it. I didn't even know Booker T was still ALIVE until the Fujirock lineup announcement. But then I find out that his new album is fantastic and NOT a retread (!) and that his backing band is the Drive By Truckers (!!)

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So I look through Corliogne's previous (and more comprehensive) article on Booker T and find out that my favorite living country band is backing up this guy, this legendary progenitor of southern soul, and I think about how perfect this is for Fujirock. The Smash staff are always looking for white-hot indie and pop acts, but they also want something old-school that's also cross-generational and still can bring the house down. Smash, you've hit the sweet spot.

Fantastic interview with Booker T from NPR HERE
Booker T back in the day HERE



whut's up with rehashing old posts?

I'm wondering who's going to replace Neil Young though - his guitars are a massive part of what makes the album so great - it's going to be a bold soul who takes that on. Been scouring the interweb but can't find any info.

I don7t know if the Drive By Truckers are backing up at FRF. His web site lists solo dates and dates with D-BT and Fuji Rock is under the "Solo" list.
Can Neil young play with Booker T. live and NOT do his own headline appearance? Scratch that–he should do both.

I've only seen Neil Young live once, but he was doing his Crazy Horse rusty-nail-down-a-blackboard feedback jam and I'd just prepared myself chemically for a set by The Prodigy. It's probably the least I have ever appreciated a performance.

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