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The Boys Next Door

With his sport coats, Hawaiian shirts and wayfarer sunglasses, Mukai Shutoku looks more like an 80's silicon valley exec than one of Japan's top indie-rock darlings.

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He definitely has the street cred. His former band, Number Girl, are still considered one of Japan's most influential indie rock outfits. This has given Shutoku the freedome to fool around a bit. He has a built-in audience (expect large crowds at whatever stage they play) so if he wants to try out some synth-pop, why not?

Zazen Boys have recently been working with producer extaordinaire David Fridman (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, etc). Warning: one look at his resume will make indie snobs wet their pants.

Will be interesting to see what he can tease out of their sound, but Sutoku is his own man. And although he may have a baby face, he's at his best when wailing about vices like booze and women. Enjoy.

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