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Gagaku-a-go-go: Harp on Mouth Sextet

Here's something to divide the masses:

Jeff wrote about the line-up for Rookie-a-Go-Go, and as usual I'd never heard of any of them. And as usual, I checked out only the ones with the goofy names.

The clips are from the Harp on Mouth Sextet, who base their music on gagaku, the traditional and obscure Japanese court music. I saw a real gagaku show this year for the first time, with dancers dressed as flamboyant demons. I wrote that it sounded like the death throes of a bagpipe. This lot have added a touch of electroni to their sound, and taken out the bagpipeness. Definitely more listenable. In the right place at the right time, this could be great.

On a side note, though they're rookies here, they have been going at least 6 years based on their Youtube clips.

And finally, here's some proper gagaku:




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