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Happy Mondays with Jazz Defektor?

Jazz Defektors I received a mail from an old friend of mine called Saltz saying that he is coming to FRF with Happy Mondays. He was of the 4 vocalists of the Jazz Defektors who made sensation back in the mid 80's and the major force of Dance Jazz movement at the time. The music was great but their presentation on stage of the vocalists' unique dance was amazing and Their style was called Northern Style, mixing break dance with some factors of ballet, in comparison with the Southern Style of I.D.J. (I Dance Jazz) based in London whose dance was a mix of break dance and tap dance.

The impact of them with the whole lots of the new jazz, then to be called acid jazz, gave massive influence to Japan and it really gave a birth of a club land here. One of the major forces of the movement at the time was Kyoto Jazz Massive with Mondo Grosso and the main man behind was Shuya Okino, a wicked DJ, spinning discs on Friday at the Palace of Wonder before Katteni Shiyagare getting on stage.

Shuya has been playing one of the tracks of the one and only album of The Jazz Defektors ever since he got that massive impact of Dance Jazz movement and the track is The Jazz Defectors' version of "Another Star", Stevie Wonder's classic, with a funky and Latin tip. As he got a fame as one of the finest DJs around in the world, this track, the JD's version of "Another Star" was becoming a cult hit in the dance floor of Japan and Europe and eventually the album, The Jazz Defektors, was re-released this year in Japan.

Well, with the presence of Saltz and the timing of the re-issue of the album, Shuya would play this wicked version of "Another Star" for sure at Crystal Palace, a huge retro tent brought in direct from Europe for the festival in the Palace of Wonder.


I never imagined how much stuff there was about this! Thank you for making it simple to grasp

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