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Taiwan's FRF connection

Last week I was interviewing the head of the Formoz Festival, Freddy Lin, and he talked a bit about hanging out with Fujirock founder/guru/boss Masa Hidaka.

A quick intro of Formoz: it's Taiwan's biggest - well, actually, now it's Taiwan's only truly international rock fest with major acts, and is now in its 12th year. This year's Friday headliner, Super Furry Animals, plays Sunday at FRF, and last year shared acts included Moby and Lisa Loeb. Connections also helped set up a(n early morning) set at the Red Marquee for Taiwan's Tizzy Bac last year, and has also helped the Taiwan fest get in touch with some big Japanese acts. This year's Formoz will feature at least 14 bands from Japan, including Nanase Aikawa.

The growing friendship between Masa and Freddy (yes, Freddy did make the pilgrimmage to Glastonbury...) is how this is happening. Freddy was saying the two hardly even talk about festivals anymore, and the last time they met, Freddy said he was stewing about Taiwan independence or politics - the kind of crap he usually worries about - so Masa was like, 'Hey Freddy, hit me!' Freddy was like, huh, what? And since Freddy didn't react, Masa hit Freddy.

The moral: Don't think too much.

Or in other words: That's what friends are for.

Cue curtain fall on happy ending with birds chirping, squirrels hugging and smooching, dolphins doing backflips, etc.

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