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Still Undecided About What Acts To Watch?

With so many stages and acts to choose from, it can be quite trying to decide which bands to watch at a large festival such as Fuji Rock. To try and help make your decisions a little simpler, Smashing Mag has a section where you can view all of the photo reports, live reports, CD reviews, and interviews it has featured with this year's FRF performers.

The section can be found on the main page of the Japanese version of Smashing Mag -- http://smashingmag.com/index.html. In the upper left hand corner it says "Mag Files: FRF". Click on this and a menu with all the letters of the alphabet should appear at the top of your computer screen. From there select a letter and you'll be able to view everything that Smashing Mag has in its extensive data base on all artists whose name falls under that letter. There's content in both English and Japanese and a ton of great photos from the site's very talented staff.