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It Ain't Over!!

TuskandCyka.JPGWell actually, FujiRock IS over, but when this photo was taken (6 am monday morn) we were still in denial. Here's Tusk of the Firetusk Pain Proof Circus yukking it up with buddy Cyka.

Onstage, Tusk, with his tattoos, loincloth, bed of nails and permanent drool, is more than a little intimidating. But after the show he was chatting us all up and keeping everyone laughing with anecdotes of his and Lucifire's misadventures. Not bad for a man who had darts thrown into his back a few hours earlier.

And Cyka was fascinating. A Russian native, when she's not touring with these nutters she lives in Nairobi working with Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement . She even has an office in Osaka for the cause. The stories she told were fascinating - I'll relay some here if I remember them (this was the woozy hours of dawn, remember) or can scrounge my notes for a clue.

As the sun rose on the Palace of Wonder, Tusk lifts the BIG bottle of Jack Daniels (the one with the handle) and plunks it down on a hunk of wood. "Glad I ran into you guys," he says, "Otherwise I'd have to finish this myself." I'll never know what happened to that bottle − I wandered off before the end of it − but I do know that those last hours in the Palace were some of the most fun I had all weekend.

I think. That's the way I remember it, anyway...