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Hiromi's Sonicbloom

Jazzbos will rightly grouse that there isn't enough of their favorite type of music at Fuji, which, after all, is a friggin' rock festival. However, music lovers of all stripes will find something to love in pianist Hiromi Uehara.

Hiromi, as she's known overseas, is not just one of the most exciting and respected young pianists in jazz. She's considered something of a prog-rock standard bearer. As a teen prodigy she played with everyone from Oscar Peterson to the Czech Philharmonic, and since then she combined her classical chops with her jazz leanings to create something close to rock. Maybe it's because she loves to show off, but her sets are reported to leave audiences panting and spent. This fall she'll be doing a week of shows in Tokyo as a duo with Chick Corea. Let's hope he can keep up with her.

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