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Spoon is coming to Fuji because of me

If you're a Spoon fan and are stoked because they'll be making their first Japan festival appearance ever at Fuji this summer, then thank me. I was the guy. I have witnesses.

Last Feb., the Austin-based band was making its long-delayed concert debut in Japan with a single Tokyo show at Unit in Daikanyama. The place was packed with Spooners (Spoonsters?) and Britt Daniel and Co. played a good, solid 90-minute set that included songs from every single one of their six albums and almost everything from their latest one, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

After the final encore, Britt sat on the front of the stage and signed CD booklets and had his picture taken with a lot of fans. A friend and I caught him back stage, slightly sweaty but not damp enough to soil his tasteful if somewhat idiosyncratic stage attire (at least for a nominally indie band) of slacks and silky dress shirt. We talked for a bit, especially about his frustration at having taken so long to get to Japan. When we asked if was planning a return trip any time soon he sort of shrugged, indicating that he probably wasn't completely clear about his itinerary.

"You should play Fuji," I said. "This summer."

"Yeah, I've heard it's good," Britt answered.

Just at that moment Johnnie Fingers, an employee of Smash, was walking by and we told him that Spoon was interested in playing Fuji this summer.

"Really?" he said to Britt. Britt said he was.

"OK, I'll tell [whoever it is who takes care of those kinds of things]," and then walked away.

So, yeah, it was me.

Japan Times interview