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The funky METERS

The funky METERS... not keen on the name. First, it's that avante-garde capitalisation that I thought only existed in Japan. Then there's the redundancy. The Meters already were funky - they were founding fathers of funk. It's like saying the Bluesy Howlin' Wolf or the Jazzy Miles Davis or the Boring-as-Batshit Coldplay.

So, as far as I can understand, the Meters still do play as a unit sometimes, but they call themselves The Original Meters (why not just The Meters?), but there's also The funky METERS, with Art Neville and George Porter Jr. from the Meters, AKA the Original Meters, but with Art's son and Russel Batiste Jr., son of funk legend David, making up the numbers. When Art isn't playing, the funky METERS are called Porter Batiste Stoltz, because it takes two Meters members to warrant a Meters name. Cyril Neville isn't in the funky METERS, but he is in the Neville Brothers, who are also playing Fuji this year, so maybe he'll join the funky METERS and maybe then they'll need a new name.

Anyway, will they bring the funk? Anyone who saw the Beach Boys a few years back, or the James Brown grave-turning horrorshow last year knows that old geniuses plus a handful of relatives doesn't always make for a great show. But I'm backing the (funky) Meters to pull it off - they've made up their numbers with some quality musicians, and judging from their website, they still play Cissy Strut and Fire on the Bayou, and those tunes are so damn funky that anyone could play them and I'd turn up to listen.

Don Coglione