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I and I Survive

The good news is that after nearly two decades of a mercurial attitude towards any sort of Bad Brains Re-Ignition, vocalist HR is back with the band. As awesome as the backing trio of Dr. Know, Darryl and Earl is, we all found out when HR went Sailing On to get his I and I on in 1990, without him the Bad Brains just ain't the Bad Brains. But from the looks of YouTube stuff from reunion tours in the last two years, HR, now pushing 50, holds his hands in prayer at the mic instead of thrashing. In other words, it's doubtful he'd still be Banned in DC. But when they crank their stuff, crowds still -- how shall we say? -- Rally Round Jah Throne. So get figgin psyched for Saturday at FRF09. A Bad Brains documentary may be in post-production, but no way does this band seem ready for just Livin' in the Movies.



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