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Ska back at Fuji


The two leaders of Japan's ska scene are back. The Ska Flames and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra both played the fest in '05, along with Ska Cubano (playing 3 times). Until then, ska was always a genre that was around, but never really poked its head into my world. Since then, I've been listening to everything the Ska Flames have ever recorded.

Ska hit Japan before it ever registered in the States (that, and Mr. Big). Both the Para and the Flames first popped up in 1989 - the Flames with a Gaz Mayall-produced debut album, and Ska Para with an EP. But it was the Paradise Orchestra that took off first, with a reputation for high-tempo live shows. They're probably the more accessible, too, with a bit of a pop edge to the tunes. The Flames produce a much more classic first-wave-of-ska sound.


and contrast

This year also sees Ska Para's Asa Chang doing a spinoff project - Asa-Chang and Junray, though ska fans are unlikely to get their jollies from it:


Ska Paradise homepage (noisy)
Ska Flames homepage (not noisy)




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