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Sonic Youth: No need for binoculars

In case you were wondering what Sonic Youth's set would be like, the LA Times wrote that the stage was basically dark for most of last night's show at the LA Forum, where they opened for Pearl Jam.

This following paragraph - actually the article's very, very last paragraph - is all that was written about them in the concert review, but I guess LA always has been a glam town (not that Pearl Jam has ever been glam, right? Oh well, this obviously ain't Arthurfest.):

The short but compelling set by the night's opener, the veteran New York band Sonic Youth, took a different approach. Playing in near darkness and featuring songs from its new release, "Rather Ripped," the quartet (now augmented by Mark Ibold, former bassist for Pavement) wove a net of distortion and drone enmeshed with shimmering threads of melody. Always more likely to analyze rather than immerse in classic-rock fantasies, Sonic Youth presented a different dream world — more shadowy but just as deep.


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