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Really going to be a Broken Social Scene?

Chartattack.com, the web site for Canada's leading music magazine, is reporting that Broken Social Scene are planning to go on hiatus after their tour dates this fall. The collective is comprised of musicians from some of Canada's top indie acts (Stars, Metric, Feist, Apostle Of Hustle, Raising The Fawn and many more).

The article can be read at http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2006/07/1007.cfm. Fuji Rock will mark Broken Social Scene's third visit to Japan. They played in Osaka and Tokyo in May 2005 as part of the Canada Wet tour which also featured fantastic Canadian acts Stars, Metric, The Dears, and Death From Above 1979. Earlier this year they were back in Nippon for a promotional visit and played a few instore performances while they were here.

Depending on how long the hiatus will be, the band's Sunday afternoon gig on the White Stage may be the last time to see them in Japan for a long time. Look for them to play stellar selections from both of their Juno (Canada's version of a Grammy) award winning albums, "You Forgot It in People" and "Broken Social Scene."


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