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Beat the Heat

Jazz DefektorsSunday morning's Green Stage opener is KODO, one of the Japan's most famous purveyors of indigenous Taiko drumming styles. They're also the most creative and ambitious, with their yearly world tours, team-ups with musicians around the globe, genre-expanding work and their own festival. The Earth Celebration Festival is held on Sado island, far from any major city. They invite one band from overseas to play the fest (think African drums, Romanian brass, etc), with the grand finale being a session with all musicans involved. Quite amazing. This year's act is Tamango's Urban Tap, which from what i understand is a mix of live musicans, world-beat, Jazz and tap dancing (Fred Estaire in a drum circle, perhaps?).

But Taiko at its most vibrant will be right there at FRF this year: Green Stage, Sunday @ 11.