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The Cribs

Britpop's new "Royal Family"

The Cribs came on to the Red Marquee at 4:20 this afternoon to a very keyed up crowd. Brothers Ryan Gary & Ross Jarman are very much the crowd pleasers here in Japan. There was an awful lot of hands in the air action when it came to every track they played. All fuzzy guitars, this group from Yorkshire have been gaining in popularity since 2003, though they had been playing together for many years before that. Gary and Ryan were sharing singing duties on the stage, with very similar sounding voices providing a unique sound when put together.

Japan loves Britpop, and these guys are certainly no exception. Union Jacks were flying, along with fists (in the air of course!) The band of brothers went through all their crowdpleasers, as well as a few new pieces. The crowd settled in to these, and built up a groove to move to by the end of the new songs they were playing. Vying for position, plenty were venturing into the moshpit, and very few were coming out. A true sign that the show was a success.

Report by Dom.