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Dirty Pretty Things

The Things went well!

Dirty Pretty Things took to the Green stage in the early evening. This is a band that don't do anything unless they agree. Consultation was the order of the day, with the three guitarists slipping back to the drum kit after each track, to talk with Gary Powell about what was to come next. Vocalist & lead guitarist Carl Barat rarely interacted with the crowd beyond the odd word or two, or to ask if they were doing ok. Bassist Didz Hammond and guitarist Anthony Rossomando occasionally took the chance to chat with the crowd, and sometimes engaged in banter together.

This band worked hard today. By the end of their second song each of them appeared that they had been doused with water, and in fact they threw several bottles of water into the crowd themselves, apparently deciding that the guys out there were in as much need as they themselves were. Judging by the look of the throng in the centre, they weren't far off the mark.

They played a good variety of tracks, showing their range better than many other bands who have a single style and stick to it, track after track. These guys work well together, as you would expect rising from the ashes of The Libertines. The appreciative crowd were following every song, and quite excitable and rowdy. The best reactions were in fact to Libertines songs, Barat noting that he hadn't played in Japan since the days of the Libertines, and almost apologising for playing the songs. He needn't have, as they were the high point of the set this afternoon. Maybe it was the energy these guys have together, or maybe it was what was being passed around on stage, but they put on a Dirty Pretty damn good show!

Report by Dom.


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