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Kids Rock

familyfun.jpgYou might think it, but Fuji Rock is not just for the ravers, rockers, trippers, hippies, headbangers and moshers. It takes all kinds of people, big AND small, to make something as special as FRF.

People are into all kinds of things, and all kinds of things are what the festival specializes in. Whatever gets your freak on, you can probably find it here at Fuji Rock. For example, this is a threesome enjoying the vibe outside the Red Marquee on Thursday night just prior to the Painfree Circus:

Okay. Get your head out of the gutter.

What people may not realize is that Fuji Rock is kid friendly (and mother approved). Wander around the site and you will see plenty of precocious and rambunctious kids. And their children, too. Ba-dum-pum.

All kidding aside (ahem...), there is plenty to see and do if you are parent and want to bring the family to Fuji Rock. From the designated kids play area between the Green and White stages, to the laid back play-out-in-the-fields atmosphere of Field of Heaven, to the swinging (hey!...I told you not to go there...!) playground surroundings high up off the Dragondola at Daydream (including a Flying Fox for young adventurers, various small implements to dig in the dirt for burgeoning builders, and balls of all shapes and sizes for the future Nakatas, Ichiros and Beckhams).

Let's not forget--kids like music, too! And dancing. And drinking...juice. There's plenty of that and more for the wee ones here at FRF. We'll try to give as much info as we can here on the site, and show you a little of what's on offer, so that EVERYBODY can plan a fun and exciting Fuji Rock weekend.

Now, if you'll excuse me, me and some friends have some some mud pies to make...

Jeff Richards