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Afra's A Cappella Hip-Hop

How can they be so skinny and sound so fat? Afra and Incredible Beatbox Band don't need no decks, the effects is in the flex and the twist and the thorax of beat.box.beats.

Just three emcees and three tight mics, Afra, and the Boys get Good Bad And Ugly with vocal contortions that put you at a block party circa 1984. You thought it was Big Brother watching, it was just Brother and he liked scratch, high hat and bass fat. Afra, Kei and K-Moon each get a solo to show of their specialties; It's a spectacle and the crowd forgets to dance as they watch with rapt attention. Friday night at the Red Marquee always offers some hip-hop madness, this year it was first a half hour set of hip-hop mimicry.
To leave the stage, the three get in the car, start up the engine and peel away into the night. Flying into the audience they crash wildly and stumble away.
An aural car crash for Naeba ears.


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