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Tucker: Restless?


Remember that kid in high school who couldn't stop tapping his foot? The one staring out the window, thinking about the big fat ollie he'd rather be doing over the safety railing on the stairs out there? That one, he was on stage tonight, showing the random assortment of skills he picked up along the way on the turntables, organ, bass, guitar, loops, drums and drink service.

Tucker, the one man music maker started his set with a classical intro before "Hello Everybody!" and a rockabilly cut-up "We're going to rock!" takes over. Just as you are settling into the sound, he jumps up and to the left, taking a vicious stab at the organ, releasing a burst of sonics backed by a kickin canned drum beat. Carnival bass tumbles under a monster beach keyboard jam till Tucker can't take it and jumps up for a headstand on the organ. Next is a lounge organ groove worthy of Jimmy Smith, in which Sly and the Family Stone's "If You Want Me To Stay" is trying to break through. He's trying to get a message to you, before ending with Bach's "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor."
And it's on to the rock toys, Tucker loops his own bass before busting out a minature heavy mettle guitar, loops it as well and heads over to the drum kit to accompany himself on a grunge rocker. Rushing back across stage after, he takes three cans of beer on a silver tray down to the crowd, rushes back behind the organ, takes off his shirt and slips into a familiar riff on the organ. You don't know it? He holds up his mixer and underneath is taped the title: "Tequila!"
Where do go from there? Pour lighter fluid on the mixer, light it on fire, attack the turntables, jump into the drum kit, and finish off the night with "Sunny Day" from "Sesame Street."
Thank god that kid survived high school. He WAS paying attention to something.