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Frying up a greasy Gnarl

A short order cook walking around the White backstage gave away that Gnarls Barkley were going to be fry up some mean Fuji beats. And sure enough bounding out on the stage are Chef Ceelo and Chef Dangermouse, trailed by orchestral waitresses and dish washers.

They set off at a sizzlin pace, deep in aural fat. A quartet of leggy strings players fill the right side of the stage, their greasy spoon uniforms showing off their high heeled assets. Behind Ceelo to the left two more waitresses sing backup.The staff get straight to business.
For "The Boogie Monster" the violinists put down their bows and start slinking back and forth in unison to the ugly groove. A couple months ago Kanye West showed up at Ageha with a scorching chamber orchestra in tow. Is there a competition going to see who can get the sexiest string section? Are they scouting Julliard? Ganbatte, the ladies can definitely play. Later on "Feng Shui,"their instruments are "ahhhing" as Ceelo does karate moves over haunted house organs.
Throughout the show he's is losing items of clothes, tall chef's hat first, till by the rude Violent Femmes cover, "Gone Daddy Gone," he's in his wife beater belting it out. They must have picked the song so Dangermouse could hit the keyboard breakdown on his organ.
Ceelo has mighty lungs, but on "What Went Wrong," he lets the backup singers step up and they take over with some sweet soul. It's a standout song of the set and the crowd is rockin.
Late afternoon was an unfortunate time to have the band scheduled, and they could have done better with an after-dark slot. Fuji probably didn't know what they had on their hands when they first set things up. That said, a lot of groups could benefit from night slots.
Strange thing is, look at Gnarls Barkley's lyrics and they are Dark. Demented. Sometimes Depressing. Maybe after sunset they would have shone even brighter. As it was, though, it was messy in the kitchen, dirty at the counter, and tasty all around.

2) Who Cares?
3) The Boogie Monster
4) Just a Thought
5) St. Elsewhere
6) Gone Daddy Gone
7) Feng Shui
8) Norther Everything is an End
9) Smiley Faces
10) Crazy
11) Transformer


Very new to this thing, still learning about this game. This is a excellent thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks! :)

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