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Little Boy Tiga

It's boogie time at All Night Fuji

When Sugiurum left the stage at the Orange Court, the crowd was already well warmed-up and comfortably installed in front of the stage. With a blend of fresh house & solid anthem songs, the opening of All Night Fuji had been a solid performance and people were just eager to get more.

When Tiga hit the stage hidden behind his baseball cap and swap the turntables with Sugiurum, the Montreal DJ started his mix with minimal electronic beats characteristic of Montreal electronic scene. But Tiga isn't cherished for his minimal tracks like other Canadian such as Pole, Deadbeat or Richie Hawtin. The strength of the Enfant Terrible of Quebec club scene his when he's mixing some sexy electro from people like Felix Da Housecat, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches or other late 80's synth pop, techno and New Wave flavored artists from his own record label Turbo or friends at !K7 and DJ Kicks . Electro-clash might be already over for many but his latest album "Sexor" his still highly reminiscent of this movement.

So after a technical first part, Tiga progressed unleashing some of his latest success blend with other great dance releases that everybody welcomed with enthusiast. With the tracks getting funkier the crowd responded positively and many came back to boogie while Tiga geared for some great sexy mixes of his own.

With Tiga on All Night Fuji, 2Many DJs, Soulwax and other performer like Scissor Sisters' on other stage later on Fuji Rock, the eletronic part of the 10th edition of Japan's greatest festival his taking care by a crew used to see each other. Tiga's remixe of Scissor Sister's "Confortably Numb" was a huge success and Jake Shears from the Sisters' worked on some of the Montreal DJ track. Tiga is also good friends with Steph and David Dewaele from Soolwax, who produced about half the tracks on Tiga's debut artist album "Sexor". The same Dewaele brothers also know under the name of 2 Many DJs.


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