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Don't Try This At Home: Eddie Egals Burns His Balls

eddieegals.JPGLook into the eyes of pyrotechnician extraordinaire, Eddie Egals, and you'll see a man who loves his job. It's not every day that you find someone who relishes fire on their bare flesh. But hey, it's a living.

Egals entered the Palace Arena followed by his vinyl-clad dominatrix-informed assistant, both brandishing DIY flamethrowers hooked to blowhorns. Egals walked us through the routine: three flamethrowers trained at an open shower stall in the center. Place fresh flower in their sights, and flowers becomes black and crispy.

Then it was his turn, but before he entered the ring of fire, Egals puts on a thick jumpsuit and goggles, his assistant taking pains to moisten every inch with water spray. By the time he entered the fireshower he looked like an extra from the film version of Fahrenheit 451.

He was winding us up. Standing there completely covered didn't seem so death-defying, and people next to me began to say something to the effect that sure, I'm only a few tequilas short of trying it myself. That's when he started stripping: first the goggles, then pants, shirt, and finally underwear. There he was, in his birthday suit, water dripping down his chin and the flamethrowers turning it to steam before it reached his waist. Helluva way to make a living, but it is certain that a guy like Egals will never fade away.