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Why Tour Anywhere Else?

Envy.jpgMany foreign bands I've spoken to during my time in Japan have been blown away by the kindness and dedication of Japanese music fans.

This weekend's FRF easily illustrates their point. The audiences in every area are going absolutely bananas for every band that plays. Regardless of whether they are familiar with the band's music, EVERYONE gets up and dances and cheers on the group's every move. Chanting, clapping, and waving their hands in the air are done with out any requests from the performing artists. Any crowd participation that is asked for is quickly obliged. There's no attitude in the crowds and no one deems themselves to cool to participate. Out for the specific reason of enjoying the beautiful surroundings and having a fantastic time, attendees are doing whatever they can to ensure that they and the bands have loads of fun.

I've personally been taken aback by the energy in the crowd during Flogging Molly's pre-fest gig at Red Marquee and by Envy's show on the White Stage this morning. The amount of positive energy and vibes while Flogging Molly played is impossible to describe using words. It is something you had to experience to truly grasp. Envy was cool as well with fans old and new screaming along and pumping their fists to the band's mix of post-punk and screamo. One dedicated group of envy lovers carried four large pieces of bristol board in a garbage bag throughout the festival site. Each paper had a letter of the band's name on it, spelling out e-n-v-y when held together. They waved their signs at every given chance, dancing along and jumping up and down whenever they could see themselves in the crowd shots that occasionally flashed across the video screen beside the stage.

Not that I have a lick of musical talent, but if I was a band I think I'd tour Japan exclusively. No other place in the world has music lovers like Nippon!