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Emma and Co - true believers from down under...

My niece Emma flew up from Australia last year for her first taste of the Fuji Rock experience. Now she's hooked. She flew back again this year for more. And both times she has managed to convince three of her friends to join her in the adventure - last year her flat mates and this year three girlfriends from high-school.

But why fly thousands of miles for a festival when Australia offers a range of events to choose from? Because, only at the Fuji Festival will you find no garbage and no pushing. And the vibe is right.

We don't get to see each other much during the course of three days, mostly because Emma is very much into her music and our choices don't often coincide. But hey, that's the whole point of a festival - something for everyone.

But the Palace of Wonder had solved that problem. Not only is it one of the only late night spots at the Fest, it is also the most rockin' one. While clubs sounds abound at the Red Marquee, the Palace is where you'll want to be if a simple tune turns you on. I found Emma and all her friends rockin to Noburo Yamana's set of classic rock 'n' reggae. Finally our tastes coincided...

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