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The Dewaele brothers do it for real

Radio Soulwax presents Niteversions Live

Probably better know as 2 Many DJs, David and Stephen Dewaele are amongst the most praised DJ/producer of today’s club music scene. With their own success as Radio Soulwas or 2 Many DJs but also with popular remixes of top figures such as LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz and Daft Punk. Fans of the Belgium born DJs coming to Fuji Rock where blessed with the 2 performances of the Dewaele brothers in one night. The first one as Soulwax whith the support of a live band formed of Stefaan Van Leuven, Steve Slingeneyer and Dave Martin and the second one as 2 Many DJs.

The Soulwax performance was a live recreation of their latest album “Niteversions”. Originally the album “Nite Versions” released in 2005, is a compilation of remixes of tracks from the album Any Minute Now issued a year before. As much as I like vinyls and electronic music mixed by great DJs, the warmhearted energy induced by the drums and live instruments were definitively a plus. The act possessed the strength of a rock concert and the fun party atmosphere of a dance club blended together. Sophisticated mixes, innovative sound and passionate execution all contributed to transform the performance. It was a cool evening at the Red Marquee thanks to the Belgium brothers.