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Elana James and the Hot Club of Cowtown

Several years ago, Austin's revered Hot Club of Cowtown broke up and fiddler-vocalist Elana James joined Bob Dylan's touring band.

She eventually quit the neverending tour and decided to try her hand as a solo artist. Those familiar with HCC's blend of Western swing and hot jazz weren't disappointed with James's eventual debut album, and fans of her old band were undoubtedly pleased when HCC guitarist Whit Smith joined her band. Now, apparently even bassist Jake Erwin has rejoined, at least for the Fuji dates, so fans on this side of the Pacific may be the only ones in the world to be honored with a full HCC reunion. We'll assume Elana's fiddle (as much Grapelli as Wills) and Blossom Dearie-like singing will be featured, but let's hope Whit will get a chance to show off his artless Rudy Vallee/Willy Nelson vocals. In addition to their two scheduled sets, they may also play in front of the Ganban CD tent at midnight on Friday.
GYPSY AVALON, 7/27, 6:45 pm
ORANGE COURT, 7/28, 1:00 pm

Official site
Japan Times interview


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