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More bands announced - Old skool to the new


With today's announcement we add to the FRF 2008 lineup a few indie darlings a long-standing FRF fave and one unlikely hall-of-famer...

Today's announcement brought in a few surprises. First we get Bloc Party and Steven Malkmus and the Jicks (you may remember Malkmus's other band, Pavement).

Then there is Asian Dub Foundation, who have put on some of Fujirock's most memorable (and muddiest) shows.

And then of course, GRANDMASTER FLASH. Pardon me if i sound a bit excited, but this guy is a legend. And, let's not forget he's the first turntablist to enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (last year, with REM and Van Halen).

Other new acts:

Jakob Dylan
Simple Plan
The Vines
The Presidents of the United States of America
The Cromagnons
Little Tempo

and more

stay tuned.....