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The contrary indicator strikes


Not to be not all fuzzy but ...

... time for some contrary commentary:

Sorry Dom, I say leave the wellies at home Fuji Rockers, get them feet wet. Strong flops do the job just as well, and we get out to Naeba once a year to shake off the city's constrictions, be they dry or warm.


I could of course be wrong.

Shawn, got to add about Rookie-A-Go-Go, the other great thing about it can be watching a real car wreck happen before your eyes. Maybe a year ago seven guys on stage had a full meltdown that ended with the lead singer to give his partners in noise the most publicly wicked evil-eye I may have ever seen. As everything collapsed around him, he turned around in disgust and left the band to its own quickly fading shambles. A true Fuji Rock classic in a weekend of mostly goodness.

-- Donald