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Gan Ban Square


You missed Ryukyudisko at the White Stage because you went for Midnight Juggernauts at the Red Maquee? Or didn’t have any more energy to reach out for All Night Fuji to dance on Dex Pistols? If you are lucky, you might have a second chance to see them perform at Fuji Rock. Next to Oasis, the main Food Court next to Red Maquee, is the Gan Ban Square that might save you.

For electronic music lover, Gan Ban is one of the best shops in Tokyo. Recently relocated in Parco 3 of Shibuya, the vinyl store is a gem to find out all the recent releases of the hottest label. Once in a while, they also produce special events with great artists from Japan or oversee. With lots of good contact in the electronic music industry, the boys from Gan Ban always setup a little shop at Fuji Rock where you can buy CD, Vinyl or T-Shirt from your favorites artists but they also have a mini stage where excellent Djs take turn to spin the turntables. The schedule is not published in advance, as far as I’m aware, but they display it on screen next to the stage. In the past, I often had the chance to see intimate set from DJ that had performed on official stage of Fuji Rock.

It’s always a nice place to look out while enjoying a kebab or ramen from the nearby Food court. Many cool people hangout over their and chances are good that you can ear good music also.

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