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Slotting in


To newbies, repeaters and transformers, I am going to add ... categorists? Genre markers? Fill in the blanks?

Certain standard slots start to become apparent at the festival after a couple years: White Stage afternoon pop-punk like last year's Less Than Jake; Red Marquee English invasion; Green Stage Sunday night geezers (Happy Mondays, Primal Scream); and any hippy band out on the far end of the fest. They don't always play the same stage, but they fill out the categories that Fuji Rock thankfully blanketly covers. So who are this year's Battles, who rocked the White Stage last year with their polyrhythms and vocoders? How about Oxford's Foals. Maybe they got a bit more Franz Ferdinand/The Cure-revival going on than American math rock, but if you want to dance to angular tunes in the afternoon, Sunday 3:10 at the Red Marquee is yr ticket.

-- Donald