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Heavy Petting


Fujirock vets, Brahman have gone through a variety of phases over their 15 years, but one thing you can expect at their Green Stage performance this year will be mobs of groupies. Will their hard-core punk transform into acoustic ballads?

Vids and more info after the jump.

The Ibaragi quartet have had some success abroad, and as their music has bleed outward so have other influences seeped in. Anyone who has heard the Irish-tinged Overground Acoustic Underground knows what I'm talking about.

But according to a recent Japan Times article, it seems that Brahman will now be covering...themselves. I guess after 15 years they're ready to re-tool older songs, and I'm guessing all of their hardcore fans might enjoy this, but for the casual listener, this means the new versions must stand up by themselves. Their brand of skater punk/proto-Emo is not my cup of Darjeeling, but since they're bookended by like-minded acts Jimmy Eat World and Fallout Boy, maybe they'll show the melodic and self-referential Americans a thing or two about J-rock.

Or maybe they'll play an acoustic version of this (god I hope not):

Brahman site HERE
The Japan Times article HERE
The real meaning of Brahman HERE



Ibaraki, not Ibaragi. Yes, a lot of Japanese people mispronounce it too. I have noting whatsoever to do with the prefecture mind you (although I do love the natto they make), I'm just saving you from offending Ibarakians (is that what they're called?) in the future.

As for the band in question, I would've much preferred Overground Acoustic Underground, but it's not like I have any say in booking these acts (we wouldn't have Weezer and FOB if I did!).

According to my missus, who hails from Hitachi, Ibaraki/gi, locals call it Ibaragi, and everyone else says Ibaraki.

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