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Rookie Info


Sounds, profiles, web sites and MySpace info for all 15 acts for the this year's Rookie A Go-Go stage have been uploaded here.

In other news, there are apparently more than 24 hours in a Japanese day...

...those in Japan can catch a FRF 2009 television preview on TV Asahi tomorrow (June 13) at 26:25.

The program will review the artists for this year's line-up and viewers will have the opportunity to call in and book tickets for the festival while the show is being aired.

I've never found it hard to understand the subtle nuances of time, but things are different here on Planet Japan.

What they really mean is 2:25am on June 14. Talk about prime time...


Thumbnail photo of Bo-peep © 2007, Masuya Hoya. Used with permission of Fuji Rock Express.