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Any hardcore Fujirock fan knows that the Palace of Wonder is where it's at during the wee hours, and now that Smash UK is moving forward with a dedicated website, you can count on more coverage.

Many, many links, vids and more info after the jump.

Yes, the Palace of Wonder is THE party of Fujirock. From killer old-school DJs to death-defying acts of bravery/stupidity/masochism, POW is a carnival in the truest sense.

Read my profile on POW in the Japan Times .

It's impossible to find consensus on the highlight on each year's POW. Many thought 2008's was the Gogol Bordello performance, others think burlesque troupe, Murasaki Babydoll's performance and the Lords of Lightning were unforgettable. Others go way back to when Joe Strummer tended the fire. We wanna hear your stories, so add them in the comments.

A few clips from the past:

The Globe of Death from 2007:

Cheering on the punters:

In a James Brown groove:

Dawn on the swingset:

Palace of Wonder site HERE
The Speigeltent site HERE
Flickr set HERE



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