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A little more EYE


Maybe the experience of watching the eclipse at see will inspire more than just sonic madness from EYE. Some may know that he is an artist as well, and currently has a show on in Tokyo.

Till July 18th at the magical, ARTROOM gallery in Ebisu (map) -- one of Tokyo's more music friendly exhibition spaces -- EYE will be holding "Art Coming Soon," a show of new work. The title comes from the world of music as well, as new albums are always spoken of as "coming soon" in promotional materials, so EYE is using the term to make one of those fantastic art world statements that you just got to nod your head at if you aren't willing to dive right in: As Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo curator Tomoko Yabumae explains it, "We cannot capture 'Art'. It must always be 'Coming Soon'." (She's right by the way. Use it to decide from now on if something is art. Really.) Besides the words -- get ready for it DJ Coglione -- what's the work itself? An image of birds and dragons that EYE has carved onto a blue car hood. If yr in Tokyo, go check it out -- magical, ARTROOM has that Fuji Rock spirit.

-- Donald

Image: magical, ARTROOM