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Reviews: Tortoise Gets Dancy on New Album

Album: Beacons of Ancestorship
Artist: Tortoise

Tortoise relased its latest album, Beacons of Ancestorship, about a week ago (June 23-24) and has garnered solid, though not perfect, reviews.

Wired calls it "the Chicago-based quintet’s most self-assured record yet"..."a potent dose of unclassifiable sound that veers from dub, funk and hip-hop to jazz, punk and rock without ever dissipating into incoherence." The LA Times says it's the band's "most invigorated set of omnivorous instrumentals since 1998's TNT."

But the most canny observation comes not surprisingly from Pitchfork Media, which notes that several songs go - dare one imagine! - a bit ravey: "Dance music has always been in Tortoise's arsenal, but it takes center stage here."

See Tortoise's new video (which, among other things, fires up some nostalgia for road trips on small-engine motorcycles) after the break....